Meeting Minutes: February 6, 2013

Mayor’s Youth Council

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Northfield High School – Room H108

7:45 a.m.

Members Present: Jorja Thompson, Ian Iverson, Darehik Agapito Romero, Steven Pfanning, Anna Pfefferle, Ivy Johnson, Nate Dahlen, Kindra Hurlbert, Chen Ye

Members Not Present: Jane Carlson, Matt Irwin, George Zuccolotto 

I. Plans On School Board Meeting:

  • As many MYC members possible to attend meeting.

II. Promoting Youth Awareness:

  • Ian’s article on school calendar changes printed and needed to be posted on blog.
  • MYC website nearly up-to-date
  • Facebook page: get as many likes as possible. Spread the word.
  • Speak with Northfield Patch about having a MYC blog: Check.

III. Youth Survey:

  • Brainstorm questions: Top 3 issues in Northfield (then MYC sort through and figure out which ones to tackle)
  • Focus on issues, rather than events.
  • Can’t be bias. 
  • Need to be made by end of school year.
  • Group to make questions: Ian, Scout, Daherik, Steven, Anna, Jorja

IV. Mini-Grants

  • MYC is on board with the grants.
  • Revise dates on application
  • How to promote? Send out email to youth groups. Facebook page and website.
  • Ian draft email.
  • Brainstorm list of people to send application to.

V. Tasks:

  • Nate article on iPads and Technology
  • Logan MYC profile on Patch

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